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September is a perfect time to celebrate Healthy Aging Month since it is a time when many people think about getting started on new tasks after the summer. Cold and flu season is upon us. This can change your sense of smell and taste. And that can affect your nutrition and health. If you find things that need to be spiced up, try some olive oil, herbs like rosemary and thyme, garlic, onion, peppers, or mustard.

Also, many people don't realize just how problematic dehydration can be. Maintaining the right amount of water to avoid the consequences of dehydration can be a little tricky. That's partly because you lose water through sweat, urination, and normal bodily functions. For example, you exhale water vapor when you breathe. And when you lose water, you also lose salt and electrolytes. Electrolytes are electrically charged nutrients that are essential for regular heartbeats, muscle contractions, and more. Losing electrolytes can have serious health consequences. Please monitor your water intake. 

Strengthening exercises such as weight training help you build the muscles that support your joints. You can use hand weights, resistance bands, or even a 1-liter water bottle. Start with weights that you can lift 12 to 15 times without slouching or poor form. Lastly, Be positive in your conversations and your actions every day. 


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